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Language Courses in London
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London Language School:  Advantages of One to One Language Teaching

Unique Language Training specialises in language courses for motivated individual students.  In this article, we look at the many distinct advantages of learning a language privately.  



There are so many schools of English and foreign language schools in London that it is difficult to make the right choice.  The language student has to ask themselves many questions:  How much are you likely to learn in a group of 15 or more people?  How much time can your tutor spend with you if he or she has other students to think about?  After all, when you are split into partners, you will be speaking with another non-native speaker.


How do I learn a new language?  

To learn any language, you need to be able to speak it, hear it, read it, understand it and practice it.  You need to do this often and you need to do it with a specialist language tutor who already knows the language well.  You are not only trying to learn new vocabulary or grammar structures, but also nuances of the language as well as expressions, idioms and sayings that a non-native would be unlikely to know.


Cultural Training

Cultural considerations are also vital.  To understand a language, you need to understand a culture.  This is why we use trainers whose knowlege goes far beyond a knowledge of their native language, but who also possess an understanding of culture, business, law and a myriad of other subjects.  


Private language tuition allows you to develop a rapport with your teacher that would not be possible in the confines of a large group.  Of course, if you do not develop a rapport with them then as we have one of the widest networks of language trainers of any course provider in London, we will be able to find a great alternative for you.  We know that you are investing a lot of time and money to learn a language with us, and we never forget that.


Private Language Tuition

On-to-One language training allows you to focus specifically on those areas that you need to look at.  Learners often think that one to one tuition is expensive, but it's not true when you look at it in proportion.  Why should you take a group class for a month or two when you can take a one-to-one English or Spanish class for several hours and learn so much more?


Flexibility is key in this regard too.  The joy of private language classes is that you and your tutor can react to one another.  Would you like to focus on a presentation today?  Do you have a job interview coming up?  Are you having problems with the perfect tenses or the subjunctive?  Your trainer is there to help you.  This would not simply not be able to happen in a group class.



Unique Language Training has been designing and running individual language training courses for over ten years in London and beyond.  For further information on how we can help you to master a new language, contact us on 020 3566 0145, via e-mail or by filling out the form on this page.  











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