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Language Courses in London
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One-to-One Language Training:  The need for direct teaching

The large number of multinational corporations in London brings with it new opportunities for British people as well as foreign nationals to learn a second language.  The need to learn a foreign language or improve one's English is now of paramount importance if you want to get ahead in the job market or improve your prospects of promotion.  Tamara Green looks at Unique Language Training, one of London's leading bespoke language training providers.  


London language training company Unique Languages recently ran specialist courses in Legal English for lawyers coming to the UK to develop their knowledge of the language of English law.   The organisation also continues to run language training courses for restaurant staff, new media companies as well as a host of blue chip clients.  They have also designed one-to-one classes for a Premier League footballer, an Arab princess and several well-known business executives.


The old days of sitting in a stuffy classroom trying to learn how to count to ten in a foreign language from a disinterested French teacher are seemingly behind us.  Now, in this increasingly time-poor society, language learners are demanding greater focus in their studies.  


The need for one-to-one language tuition

"I have studied in language schools and while the teachers do a great job, it is difficult for students to stay motivated.  You have to get to the class, there are often too many students and the teacher can only go as fast as the lowest level student." cites Mike Davies, a language teacher with Unique.  Mike has worked at a host of corporations during his time there; including Vodafone, BBVA Bank and Isobar Media.  


Davies teaches a mix of one-to-one and small group classes at businesses across London, Surrey and Kent.  The small group classes are not quite as bespoke, but Unique monitors students' happiness by asking for regular feedback.  "We meet with the manager beforehand to see what they are expecting from the class and then we talk to the students.  Often, we will spend time in the company to see how it operates in order to understand a little more about the culture of the company and the staff."  Paul Clarke is a Personal Assistant at Unique and does everything from social media to teacher liaison.  "It is hectic at times, but I work with so many people that it never gets boring." he says.  


Corporate Language Training

One example of trying to understand the ethos of the organisation was Unique's work with Michelin starred restaurant group MARC.  "The teacher teaches there every week.  He knows the students well, liaises with the HR staff and has been to each restaurant site.  He was even invited to the staff Christmas party."  Clarke says.  


Unique has grown from strength to strength and you can see that bespoke language courses are becoming more and more in vogue as people realise that language schools cannot help them as quickly or as effectively as tailored classes.  There is little doubt that Unique's ethos of bespoke language courses will continue to grow.  


Unique Languages can help your company to develop with tailor-made language training programmes.  Contact us on 020 3566 0145, by e-mail or by filling out the form on this page.  

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