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Private Tutoring:  Five reasons to get a private language teacher

Group language classes are fine if you are a teenager looking for some basic language skills, but you don't learn enough, it takes too long and your class is only as good as the weakest student.  In this blog post, our Mike Davies looks at the top five reasons why you really should study a language with a private language teacher.  



The merits of individual language tuition are often discussed by students and teachers alike.  In our staff room, we compare it to the debate between capuccino and espresso:  Capuccino is fine, but you don't get as much coffee as you would in an espresso.  It is the same with individual teaching v group teaching.  You get far more from a one-to-one lesson in a shorter amount of time than in a series of group classes.  So, in no particular order, let me take a look at a few of the many positives about private tutoring.  


1.   Attention

To have the undivided attention of a specialist in the language that you are trying to learn is a powerful tool.  If you look at any guide to learning a language, it will say that the intensity of one-to-one tuition with a native speaker is almost a pre-requisite to language acquisition.


2.  Control

In a group language class, the teacher's attention is split between around 15 students, all of differing abilities.  It is a difficult task for any person to manage such a situation with ease.  However, in a one-to-one setting, the content of the class can be structured and tailored to your needs.  


3. Time

Language schools are open at set times and don't tend to move around.  By taking individual tuition, you have the flexibility to schedule the lesson yourself, decided how long it will be and where it will be.  This allows you to relax and learn much more than you would in a group environment.  


4. Relationship

During the a private course, the teacher and student can develop a professional relationship that allows the trainer to pick up on the subtleties of language used by the learner.  This provides the trainer with the capacity to spot regular mistakes and allows him or her to correct those errors naturally.


5. Focus

In a group class, the attention of both the tutor and the student can often drop.  It is just the way it is.  However, in a one to one session, there is little time for relaxation as the intensity of the situation carries both the teacher and student through.  



If you would like to study a language with one-to-one tuition, please contact Unique Languages on 020 3566 0145, by e-mail or by filling in the form on this page.  



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