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Personal Tutors in London


020 3566 0145

Private Yoga Teachers in London

While learning Bikram Yoga at home might be a difficult task (you could always try turning the hot water taps up for the duration), our sensational yoga teachers can help you with the various other forms of yoga, including hatha yoga and kundalini yoga to name but two.


The team at Personal Tutors in London have tried yoga in a group and in a one-to-one setting, and for us one-to-one wins every time.  There is nothing better than being reminded of form, posture and whether you are doing something right than with a private tutor.  Suffice to say, this goes for every subject, but particularly yoga.  


To study Yoga in a private session with your own personal yoga teacher, please contact us on 020 3566 0145, via e-mail or by filling out the form on this page.  












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