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Language Courses in London
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Quality Guarantee

Unique Language Training remains the only language course provider/language school in the United Kingdom to make this sort of guarantee of the quality of our language tuition.  We have built a strong and hard-won reputation for providing tailor-made language training to organisations and motivated individual learners and we value the reputation.  


If you look at our Student Feedback page, you will see many positive comments about our courses and teachers.  This shows that many learners have studied with us and have gained great confidence and fluency in their new language from doing so.  In fact, the majority of our students return for further classes.


Happy Teachers

In the highly unlikely event that you are happy with your trainer, we will seek to find out why and replace them with a different instructor should it be necessary.  As we say, it is unlikely but not an impossible scenario.  If you remain unhappy, we will gladly refund the money for the remaining classes of your course.


We are always looking to help you learn, to help you be more confident in your new language and to be more comfortable.  That is why we are Unique Languages.



Unique Language Training offers world-class language training courses in London, on-line and worldwide through our network of affiliates.  If you would like to learn a language with the best teachers and with the most focused lessons, please telephone 020 3566 0145.  You can also e-mail us or fill in the form on this page.  





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Unique prides itself on providing language courses of exceptional quality and professional language teachers with a great deal of experience in teaching all kinds of people.


Our language trainers take part in a thorough and rigorous recruitment process involving interviews and tests to join a network of some of the finest teachers of languages in the world.  They are then subject to continuous assessment over their careers with Unique Language Training.

Learn a new language with Unique LT.

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