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German Language Tuition:  Seven reasons to learn German

1. It is not that difficult

The English language and the German language share similar Germanic roots and it has been estimated that 40% of German/English vocabulary is similar.  There are a lot of differences in the languages, but it does make things slightly easier!


2. It is widely spoken

I visited Mallorca once, and in many of the hotels the choice was between Spanish and German.  It is a myth that everybody in the world speaks English, and having another string to your bow opens many doors.  You will find German people to be (on the whole) really engaging and speaking their language will endear you to them,


3. Culture

We love culture here at Unique, and we firmly believe that reading a book or watching a film in its' original language is the only way to truly enjoy the experience.  German is the language of Kafka, Goethe, Karl Marx, Wim Wenders and Gerhard Richter and  to understand the language and culture of this great nation truly opens your mind.


4. Business

Germany is the economic powerhouse of Europe, with many multinationals deriving from there; including Deutche Bank, Allianz and BMW.  If you are in business, or would like to succeed in business, then a knowledge of Business German will put you at an advantage over your competitors.  Germany is one of the wealthiest nations in the world.  


5. Science

The German language is frequently used in the world of science and medicine, with 18% of scientific books being published in German (sometimes only in German).  Germans are world leaders in engineering, and the list of German Nobel laureates is a long one.


6. You can beat Mark Twain

Mark Twain struggled to learn German.  Finally, you can say that you are better than him.


7. German tourists spend more

German citizens get a lot of holiday time, they are well paid and they like to travel.  When they do travel abroad, they like to spend their Euros well, and if the shop assistant speaks German, that is going to help.  


For further information on language courses in German and Business German, contact Unique at 020 3566 0145, by e-mail or by filling in the form on this page.  








Germany is not just a land of incredible football success, superb beer and a relaxed approach to mixed nudity.  By learning German, you will be opening up an array of opportunities - both in your personal and professional life, so without further ado let our German language teachers take a look at the reasons why you should study German right now.

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