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Ten Reasons for learning Spanish

By learning Spanish with Unique, you will be joining many happy students who realise that private tuition in this beautiful language is the only way to learn.  We have a great team of Spanish language teachers who will be with you every step and will give you the confidence and tools to develop fluency in Spanish.  If that doesn't convince you to study Spanish with us, then take a look at these reasons for learning Espanol.  


10.  It will help your career

There is a huge demand among British employers for bilingual employees, with one report suggesting that the United Kingdom loses £48bn a year due to the language deficit.  Having an extra string to one's bow always helps with career advancement.  


9.   It will open up a whole new world

Don Quixote is a great novel in the English language, but it is even better in its' original language of Spanish.  In addition to Cervantes' masterpiece, there are a wide range of Spanish-language writers that you will be able to read in their original tongue; including Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Lorca.  


8.  Communicating when abroad

Many British holidaymakers travel to Spain and Spanish-speaking countries, but very few of them actually engage with the language and the people.  By speaking even a little Spanish, you will be far ahead of your compatriots.


7.  The British Council considers it a language of the future...and now

In its' recent report on foreign languages to learn, our friends at The British Council declared confidently than Spanish was number one on that list.  Take a look at the report for yourself here.  


6.  Spanish is not that difficult

Many Spanish words are so similar to English that you can tell what they mean fairly easily.  Basic Spanish grammar is easy to pick up as well.  We are not saying it is easy, but you should be able to develop your Spanish skills quite speedily.


5.  You can understand English much better

This is an odd one, but remember that many English words derive from Latin and as Spanish is a latin language, your angle could be that you are learning one new language and rediscovering your native language.


4.  You can better understand other languages too

Knowing Spanish will also help you to understand other Latin-based languages such as French and Italian.  As you now possess the tools and willpower to learn a second language, this should also stand you in good stead to learn other languages also.


3.  Learning any language makes you smarter

There are many reports on the advantages of language learning, with some of the most interesting looking at the cognitive aspects.  Learning a language improves your overall mind and wellbeing, and has been shown to ward off Alzheimer's in old age.  For more on that, look on this page.


2.  You can date more widely

Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek are both Spanish speakers.  Javier Bardem and Enrique Inglesias are Spanish speakers.  Many Latin people are very attractive.  If you speak Spanish, they might date you.


1.  It's fun!

Learning Spanish is fun, fulfilling and will enhance your life - both personally and professionally.  In all honesty, I can't think why I had to write ten reasons here in the first place!



If you would like to learn Spanish with Unique Languages, you can e-mail us, telephone us on 020 3566 0145 or fill in the form on this screen for more information.  



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