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Language Courses in London
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The rise of the super language tutor

There has been a plethora of newspaper articles recently in which the journalist in questions talks about the new breed of  'super tutors' being used by families across London to help children with their language studies (as well as other subjects).  Many clients of Unique LT's use our super language tutors to help their children with school lessons, but what exactly do they offer?  


One-to-One Language Tuition

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using a super tutor is the level of intensity involved during a session.  In classrooms of up to 30 children, it is impossible for a teacher to work for any length of time with any one child, and so private lessons can prove of enormous benefit in this instance.  


Experienced private tutors also tend to have worked in other fields separate from teaching, allowing them to bring other skills to language classes.


Communicating fluently in a foreign language

While language lessons in schools offer a useful grounding in foreign languages, it is unfortunate that statistics show clearly that they are not as effective as private lessons.  Teachers cannot provide pupils with the tools to articulate themselves in the same way that experienced private language teachers can, simply because of time and other resources being unavailable to them.  


The best language teachers

Only tutoring agencies of the calibre of Unique Language Training have access to the best private tutors.  The agency receives thousands of applications per week from people seeking to work with us, but out of every 1,000 applicants we only select ten private tutors to join our team.  We also work with our sister companies Legal English UK in the field of law and Private Tutors in London for other subjects to provide the very best teaching for our clients.  


Private teachers are 'not just for the select few'

No language tutoring agency has tried harder than Unique to democratise private teaching by making classes far more affordable, yet maintaining the quality of the tuition.  The question of how we are able to maintain a consistent level of quality at the same time as making lessons extremely affordable is easily answered:  We work hard on making our office as efficient as possible in order that we can pass savings on to our clients.  It is easily said, but rarely done and we have managed it successfully.



Unique Language Training Solutions offers classes in a myriad of languages for children and adults.  For further information, please telephone 020 3566 0145, e-mail us or fill out the form on this page.  











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