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Languages in London:  A Day in the life of a Unique Language Teacher

Oksana has been teaching Russian with Unique Language Training for three years.  She studied in St Petersburg and taught English there before moving to the UK.  In this blog article, she describes her typical day working as a Russian language teacher in London.  Currently, she has around ten students who are learning Russian with her.  


"I live in Pimlico, which is one of the most beautiful areas of London  The village atmosphere and location are perfect for my needs.  


Morning Call

I usually wake up at 7am, depending on whether I have an early morning class or not.  After breakfast, I check my schedule and contact Unique to make sure that there have been no changes.  


At 8, I will go through my lesson plans for the day.  I usually teach three students per day for an average of two hours each, but it depends on each learner.


Russian Language Students

The learners are split between businesspeople wanting to speak Russian for their work, people seeking to learn for a hobby and people relocating to Russia.  My favourite student was a British man who had just married a Russian woman and wanted to improve his Russian in order to communicate with her.  She spoke English well but he felt that he should try and learn her language too so that he could understand the culture.  


My first class will be in the morning.  I teach at various locations around London and get around on my scooter as it is easier for me than public transport.  I work regularly at the American bank JP Morgan, and have a few students there who are very focused as I think it comes with the job that they do.  The lessons are challenging as they need to be professional about learning, but I like this kind of lesson.


At lunchtime, I might meet some friends for lunch or go straight to a lunchtime class.  Sometimes I can kill two birds with one stone by having the Russian class at a restaurant.  This is a fun way to learn and I encourage more of my students to do this kind of class!


Free Time is still Work Time

In the afternoon, I might take a break and visit a museum.  My favourites are the Tate Modern and The Courtauld Gallery.  Looking at art is great inspiration for my classes and occasionally, I will take students there as a change from the classroom.


Evenings tend to be very busy as many people want to study Russian after work, so I will visit a different office and meet a different learner.


I love my job.  It gives me the opportunity to meet interesting people and teach them about the language I love."


If you would like the opportunity to learn Russian, contact Unique at [email protected] or call us on 020 3566 0145.  

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