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Language Training Centres

Wherever you are in the world, you can benefit from the best Business Language Training from Unique's expert teachers. We have a network of language training centres and language teachers located around the globe, across London and throughout the UK.

Global Language Training

The Business English School has established an international and national language training network that provides tailored Professional English and foreign language training solutions for companies and individuals across the globe. Our clients (including Google, Cisco and TSB) are guaranteed the same premium level of service wherever their training takes place.

Combination Courses

Some language learners begin with a local intensive or extensive course with Unique in London and then feel ready for a total immersion course in the country where the language is spoken. To help with this, the centres in our network exchange reports on the student’s level in the target language, their strengths and weaknesses, progress levels and future study advice.

In-country courses

A language course abroad is an extrenely rewarding activity - and we can help you to prepare for this. The Business Language School provides expert help with course selection, pre-course assessment, accommodation reservations and can even plan your leisure time. Accommodation – hotel, apartment or host family – will be arranged locally at the best possible rates.




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