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Personal Tutors in London


020 3566 0145

Personal Tutors

We work with some of the most demanding clients, people who require the utmost in terms of service and quality of language tuition.  As such, we require the very best tutors to be part of our team.  Our tutors are hand-picked by our team of recruiters and if you wish to join our team, please do the following:-



Please send a CV with cover letter in English.  The CV should cover all your dates of employment and any gaps should be explained.  Please include the names of two referees who can vouch for your teaching ability.



You should possess a university degree from an established university.  The degree should be first class or at the minimum a 2:1.  If you are teaching a language, ideally you would have received a qualification in the teaching of that language (CELTA for example).



All tutors have to start somewhere, so we do have tutors with no previous teaching experience.  In most cases, we expect you to have teaching experience of five years or longer.  You would have taught a variety of personalities and you would have taught a variety of levels of student.



You are well-travelled, well-read, smart and passionate about your work.  You are also excellent at it.


DBS Check

If you work with children or vulnerable adults, you have a valid DBS check.











First Floor, 532a Kingston Road, London  SW20 8DT


Tel. 020 3566 0145  Email:

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