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Language Courses in London
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The Unique Approach to language learning

As most of the language students here at Unique Language Training Solutions are professionals and high achievers who need to learn a language with speed and ease, we have adopted an approach to language tuition that we believe provides you with the tools to be successful and progress in your second language.


Our primary method for language teaching is communicative:  The focus of all levels is on developing fluency, improving reading and listening comprehension, expanding the learner's vocabulary range and enhancing pronunciation and intonation.  We help you to achieve this through lessons with highly experienced language tutors.  


As a language learner, you want to know that you are with a professional language provider who can give you the confidence and ability to communicate in your chosen language.










Our Promises To You

Classes that are tailored specifically to the specific needs of the language student.

Available at any time of the day during any day of the week.

Focused on oral and written communication and enhancing your vocabulary.

Conducted in the language being learnt.


Following extensive research and consultation with language experts, we use an approach to language learning that allows our learners to learn effectively and with confidence.  This puts the language learner into real life, simulated situations that are relevant.  


Typical Lesson Plan

General Overview

An introduction to the point of the lesson and the aims to be accomplished.  Sharing of grammar, vocabulary, idioms, expressions and structure.



Use of specialist materials to reinforce the lesson point and to activate the student's interest.


Oral Work

A great deal of emphasis on speaking and oral communication with high instructor correction if needed.  Use of role plays and other simulated scenarios.


Visual Work

For further reinforcement, work on the development of reading skills; particularly scanning and skimming.


Confidence Building

Further work on the development of the target point with structured exercises and role plays to further highlight the language needed.  


Unique Language Training Solutions runs private language lessons for schoolchildren, adults, professionals and anybody else who wishes for the best in language tuition.  Unique LT also provides language training for corporations as diverse as Google, Brookfield Relocation, Cisco Systems, Deltatre Media, Reed Business Services and the National Health Service to achieve better for their employees with tailored language training.  For further information on Unique LT, telephone 020 3566 0145, e-mail us or fill out the form on this page.  

Intensive English Language Courses Media Comments about Unique Language Tutor Profile Foreign Language Courses

"When it comes to teaching, Paul excels.  First and foremost, he strives from the beginning to assess your strengths  so as to make you confortable enough to focus on your weaknesses afterwards.  Then, he gradually works on your correctness, accuracy and pronuciation in a friendly and efficient way.  You will learn and have fun at the same time.  So far, Paul has never run out of neither energy  nor creativity to make me feel at ease and eager to improve my english.  And it works!"


LAURENT LEMAIRIE, French Entrepreneur

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