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Language Courses in London
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Weekend English Language Classes in London

Short English Language Courses in London over one or two days

Unique's Weekend Intensive English Course is a great way for English as a Second Language students to learn real British English from native speaker teachers in a short space of time.  This is an intensive language learning programme that is usually taken on a ratio of one student to one tutor to enhance your speaking opportunity.  


Unique is the only language training provider to offer this type of course.  The powerful combination of theoretical English language work and practical organic English language work has been developed over many years by our highly experienced English language teachers.  You can be confident that you will be learning English professionally, accurately and quickly thanks to this short course.  


The course is usually split into two days, but can take place over one day or more than two days.  



On Day One, your focus will be on the academic side of English with a series of intense lessons looking at grammar, vocabulary enhancement, tenses, listening and speaking.  Your trainer will look at the areas that you need to focus on and work to help you to achieve your goals.  



This is your opportunity to put everything you learned into practice.  With your native speaker English language instructor, you will tour the most fascinating city in the world:  London!


You will visit areas of the city that are "off the beaten track"  (unknown to tourists, and most Londoners) as well as those areas that are familiar sights.  You will have lunch in one of London's finest pubs and you will be speaking English all the time with a native speaker tutor, so there are no distractions from other students.  


EFL Trainer

Your instructor will help you with your English and show you where you are correct and where you are incorrect.  They will also show you other ways of speaking the language and offer alternative vocabulary you can use.  


Our Weekend Intensive English course is a superb way to learn English in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  Over the course of just two days, you will learn to communicate in English in a variety of social situations and you will gain incredible confidence from knowing that you can speak English better than ever before.


To learn more about us and the course, call us on 020 3566 0145, skype us at uniquelanguages or e-mail [email protected].  You can also fill out the form on this screen.  

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