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Language Courses in London
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Business English Training:  What is Executive English?

You cannot have failed to notice the vast range of specialist language training courses available to students.  With these various  courses available, it can be quite difficult to work out which one to take.  Many learners enquire about Unique's Executive English course and whether it is open only to executives who are studying English in the UK, so we are taking this page to explain in greater detail about the course and its' content.


Anybody in a management or leadership position will be under tremendous pressure to communicate well and effectively with Business English.  If this communication has to be done in your second language then that pressure is magnified.  Unique's Executive English language courses are designed to give you greater confidence and fluency in English whilst at the same time teaching you grammar points, pronunciation tactics, vocabulary and expression expansion and listening skills.



The course is designed around you, so our specialist language trainers will only focus on those areas that are essential to you.  Recent examples of topics covered include presentation delivery, job interviews (as interviewer and interviewee) and assistance with MBA coursework.


Courses utilise a wide range of materials; ranging from case studies to course texts, newspapers and magazines, film, audio and your own material.  This allows for greater understanding of the English that you need.



Our courses are delivered by the finest group of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) trainers in the UK.  We are proud of a team that has considerable experience in English language training as well as a latent knowledge of world business through working at and studying top companies.


The course does suit executives and their associates, but it can also be for students of the business world and people who have the desire to excel at English.  Talk with one of our administrative staff for more help in which language course will suit you by e-mailing [email protected] or filling in the form on this page.  





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