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Which language should I learn?

There are many reasons why people choose to learn a new language; whether it's because they have to relocate for work, they are taking a trip or purely as a hobby.  Studies have proven that learning a language can be of enormous benefit to your overall wellbeing, but what if you are looking around for a language to learn?  We take a look at a few languages and offer some pointers on them.  



This is currently the language to learn as China is considered to be the economic and political powerhouse of the world.  A greater number of Chinese are coming over to the UK than ever before and the need to do business with China is essential for many business people.  


Bear in mind that English is taught in Chinese schools, but there is nothing wrong with having a little bit of Chinese under your belt and you will earn points with your Chinese friends if you have made an effort with the language.  


It is a difficult to language to learn and does require perseverance.  Writing and Reading takes a long time, as does pronunciation, but it is an incredibly rewarding language to master.



Learning Spanish is a great option for many learners because it is so widely spoken and it is comparatively easy to learn.  Spain is a great country to spend time in and is only a short flight away from the UK, which allows you to show what you have learned to native speakers.  



Many Brits learn French (badly) in high school and so revisiting this beautiful language does have its advantages as we already have some latent knowledge of it.  There is also the added incentive that France is not so far away from the UK, so again you will have plenty of time to use your new language skills.



A left-field language option for many, but we include it here because we like Japanese and we think it's a relatively easy Asian language to pick up as there are only two tenses (past and present) compared with upwards of 20 in English.  


Understanding Japanese opens you up to a greater understanding of Japanese film, art, literature and the people and Japan is a fascinating country to visit and explore.  While Japan is not as strong economically as it used to be, there are signs that the nation is improving financially.  


Those are a few of our suggestions for foreign languages to learn.  There are of course hundreds more and we are sure that you already have a strong idea of what you would like to learn but we hope that we have helped you a little to decide.  



Would you like to learn a foreign language?  Please contact Unique Language Training on 020 3566 0145, by e-mail or by filling out the form on this page.  


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